212 Modern Furniture Warehouse

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212 Modern Furniture Warehouse

212Concept offers tasteful, colorful and vibrant designer chairs, furniture and accessories directly from their origins in Europe and North America. As with many epic stories, the tale behind 212Concept begins with passion and love for modern and minimalist design. With a background in graphic design and manufacturing, we take the concept of simplicity in everyday objects and decide to offer a mix of minimalist, modern, and most importantly, affordable products to all design enthusiasts.

The products you will see within these pages are combination of unique but also functional aesthetic pieces of furniture from the days of early modernism in 1960s to our present era. The products you see on 212Concept are well on their way to become iconic pieces or are much- heralded newcomers. For this reason, we are not only selling a piece of furniture or accessory, we are offering you a fun and inspirational experience.

No matter whether you’re looking for furniture by leading European designers or want a new and exciting piece by the young talents of the current generation of designers, 212Concept is here to help you find it. As you browse your way through 212Concept.com, we hope that you enjoy each and every page. We hope that you are left inspired, excited and satisfied by the beauty, form and function of the very modern design. Perhaps, you’ll even find yourself passionately love-struck. Just as we were.


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            370 Broadway New York, New York City, NY, United States
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