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eco-kins, said she
2GreenMinds, said me
clean faces..…green spaces, said she
the shared vision of two friends, said me

take it and run, said she
only because of you, said me
what are your plans? said she
the world, said me

so how is it made? said she
6” x 6” 100% cotton, said me
where is it made? said she
New York, California, USA, said me

and how do you do that? said she
handmade, said me
made with love? said she
every stitch, said me

so will we help others? said she
always to donate one, said me
and how will we do that? said she
organically, said me

how did we do it? said she
Austin, TX summer 2012, said me
with those boys, said she
Luc, Victor, Samuel and Reed, said me

so is 2013 a good year?
the year of the snake…
Will we reduce paper use?
2 green minded friends, making the planet more eco-friendly

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