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AJ Sanchez, Inc. provides:* Heating* Ventilation* Air Conditioners* Air Handlers* Cooling Tower* Ice Machine* Ice Cream Machine* Heat Pumps* Storage Water Heaters* Packaged Units* Indoor Air Quality Systems* Boilers* Furnace* Draft Beer System* Glycol Power Packs* Glycol Chiller* Services* Replacements and InstallationsWe sell and service all major brands of commercial and residential split, package and wall air conditioners. With our trained and certified technicians, we can offer the most complete and professional service in the 5 Boroughs. We have developed our reputation as a strong company in our area by keeping things simple. We make sure our technicians are well trained, easy going, and concerned about our customers. We make sure the products we provide are state of the art, well-engineered for long life, and affordable. Keeping our techs trained, our products top of the line, and our customers happy is the basis for all we do. We have been in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning business since 2003. We are a family in most ways here, and you will recognize that as you do business with us. We know each other well, and we have the same goal, making you happy to the point of telling your friends about us.

A.J. Sanchez Inc. provides Commercial air conditioning services, replacements and installations. We also provide home air conditioning, heating and refrigeration services in the entire New York State region. We have developed our reputation as a strong company in our area by keeping things simple. * Refrigeration* Ice Machine* Ice Cream Machine* Draft Beer System* Glycol power packs* Glycol chiller* Heating* Ventilation* Air Conditioning* Air Handlers* Cooling Tower* Packaged Units* Indoor Air Quality Systems

Ice Machines-Repair & Service, Air Conditioning Contractors & Systems, Air Conditioning Service & Repair, Boiler Repair & Cleaning, Electricians, Furnace Repair & Cleaning, Heating Contractors & Specialties, Heating Equipment & Systems-Repairing, Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning Engineers, Refrigerators & Freezers-Repair & Service, Ventilation Cleaning

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