Americon Construction Inc

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Americon Construction Inc

Minutes from The Battery, centered in a renowned dining district, and extraordinarily connected to the rest of the city, Manhattan’s oldest neighborhood is now also its freshest. Over 61,000 people already call the Financial District home, charmed by a 24-hour neighborhood marked by transformation, tenacity and style.

LCOR creates unique urban residential and commercial properties that elevate the neighborhoods in which we live and work. Over our 40-year history, we’ve applied our comprehensive expertise and fully integrated investment management and development strategy to more than 300 large-scale mixed-use projects, overseeing more than 10,000 multifamily units, 8 million square feet of commercial space and a substantial development pipeline of mixed-use real estate in our core Northeast and mid-Atlantic markets.


With over 35 years of experience, The Marketing Directors is the preeminent development advisory that works exclusively on behalf of owners and builders to develop, market, and sell homes. The Marketing Directors are industry leaders, respected partners, and market innovators, helping its clients successfully sell out hundreds of new developments, accounting for $40-plus billion in collective sales.

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            120 Broadway New York, New York City, NY, United States
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