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ARCADE CLASSICS first started its coin-operated arcade machine route in the 1980s during the height of the “arcade fever” period. Through the years we have marketed many types of arcade machines; however our specialty is the cocktail gaming table. Over the years we have made enhancements to our flagship product the “Arcade Classics Gaming Table”. We continue to manufacture, what we feel are the finest authentic gaming tables available. Our high level of commitment is evidenced by the industries best ~ 5 Year Comprehensive Warranty. Furthermore, we boast a service record that is second to none. You can buy from us with confidence knowing that Arcade Classics has the expertise, sterling reputation and world class product to make your gaming experience a remarkable one that will never be forgotten.   Visit us at or Call 212-361-9103 Mon-Sat 9am-10pm for weekly specials!


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Features of Arcade Classics Gaming Table ™ Two Player Head-to-Head Action with flip screen technology. Modern State Of The Art Electronics plays just like the original cocktail arcade games of the 1980s.  The Arcade Classics Gaming Table provides AUTHENTIC sound, graphics and action transporting you back in time, just like you remembered it in your local arcade.   Protected with Highest Quality Tempered Glass Top which can be PERSONALIZED with 3 choices of Screen Printed Graphics.      New 21” AUTHENTIC 15kz Arcade Monitor for exact reproduction of graphics.  Most cocktail gaming tables sold today come with low quality 17 or 19” Computer Monitors or LCD screens that simply cannot reproduce the game graphics the way you remember it.                                     COMMERCIAL Four-Way Arcade Quality Joysticks and Buttons give you that authentic “feel”… solid, smooth, controlled game movement.  Expanded Control Panel has duplicate set of three shooting buttons for Left-Handed play. Allows for Free Play or Accepts Coins utilizing a commercial grade coin mechanism.     The Furniture Grade Cabinet while playing is wide enough to accommodate drink and food items.  The Sound System replicates the game sounds exactly like you remember them. An internal High Powered Fan is installed to protect the electronics from heat damage when the game is powered on.  COMPREHENSIVE 5 YEAR WARRANTY. Similar units only offer a 90 day or one year warranty.

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