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Maturmeat® is the only dry aging cabinet manufactured 100% in Italy that produces a series of microclimates ideal for traditional meat maturation (dry aging). In as little as 11 days, our system allows you to transform your meat into tender, juicy steaks.

Unlike wet aging where the meat from the vacuum-sealed bag must be consumed immediately after opening, Maturmeat® allows you to hang, store and consume meat over a longer period of time without the risks associated with wet aging.  Maturmeat® is a commercial refrigeration system. The internal control system provides vital HACCP information for added quality control and automatically manages the temperature, humidity, seasoning and air flow for the program duration.  The patented, built-in Fumotic® system regulates the production and management of humidity used to reduce the weight loss of the meat. Since the user can safely smoke/flavor the product at low temperatures, the organoleptic properties of the meat remain unchanged.

Maturmeat® is made of stainless steel AISI 304 with a scotch-brite finish. The stainless steel door has a large glass panel with a key/lock system, making the unit functional both in the kitchen and in a retail area. The glass panel allows you to monitor the transformation process, while showcasing your product while the meat cures.  Four adjustable stainless steel legs allow for perfect stability.

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