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Brothers Plumbing- Plumbing Contractors You Can Trust

Since 1963, Brothers Plumbing has been a reliable one-stop source for a complete range of services to both residential and commercial customers.

Nothing beats experience. With great rates and a consistent record of performance for over 40 years, you can trust our plumbing contractors in Toronto to do the job right. We use the latest technology and the best fixtures and equipment, ensuring that whatever repairs and replacements we do will stand the test of time.

When plumbing and heating emergencies occur, we are always available through our 7-7-7 Service. This means that we are always reachable from 7 to 7, 7 days a week. Even better, plan ahead. We can evaluate the current state of your home’s systems from inside the house all the way out to your property line. We can help ensure that emergencies don’t happen. And we can make sure that your remodeling and renovations go smoothly from start to finish. If you have a major emergency like a burst pipe we have a 24-hour emergency service as well.

We do more than just plumbing. We also have contractors specializing in Drainage, Hot Water Heating Systems, Waterproofing, and Kitchen and Bath Remodeling for both homes and businesses.

Our 30 fully equipped trucks are on the job all over Toronto and are in constant radio communication with the office dispatch. Help is never far away as we are probably already working somewhere in your neighbourhood.

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            2Y8, 130 Osler St ON M6N 2Y8, Toronto, United States
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