Building Contractors Assn Inc

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Building Contractors Assn Inc

Welcome to the Building Contractors Association (BCA), Metropolitan New York’s leading membership association of construction contractors and related industry professionals. Working with the organized building trades, the contractor members of the BCA represent New York’s finest builders. Since 1933, the BCA has provided strong industry leadership and the unified voice needed to address long-term labor management relationships. From the largest multi-national companies to the multi-generational mom and pop shops that have built New York, the BCA is the association that represents New York construction at its best and safest. BCA proud, BCA built! Join the team.

The primary purpose of the Building Contractors Association is to provide negotiation and administration of collective bargaining agreements with the Building Trades Unions.

Currently the BCA negotiates and finalizes numerous agreements throughout the five boroughs of New York City, Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester counties. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff administers these contracts and answers inquiries on various issues and topics concerning our industry on a daily basis.

The BCA has established and maintained good working relationships with New York Labor Leaders. These relationships, spanning over many years, have proven fruitful to the Association and its members in a Union-run industry such as ours.

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            451 Park Ave S New York, New York City, NY, United States
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