Dancker Sellew & Douglas

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Dancker Sellew & Douglas

SOMERVILLE — With a clientele list boasting names such as Johnson & Johnson, Wells Fargo and the federal government, it’s almost shocking to hear that interior solutions company dancker has some very humble beginnings.

“I feel like I’ve won the business lottery,” said dancker CEO Steven Lang. “I really do love waking up and coming to work everyday.”

dancker first got it’s start in 1829 by T.G. Sellew, when “the roads in New York weren’t even paved yet.” Based in New York, this furniture design company specialized in the roll-top desk due to it’s convenient location near ‘newspaper row,’ where all of the newspaper offices were located.

According to Lang, Sellew was a local leader and philanthropist, who strove to see how he could help and improve businesses.

“He had the ability to employ local townspeople, and he really grew with and through other people,” said Lang. “This company really invests in people, and there’s remnants of Sellew’s vision to this day.”

After undergoing some changes courtesy of the Industrial Revolution, in 1988, the company became Dancker, Sellew & Douglas (DS&D) and shifted their focus to the importance of furniture standards and how architectural components can be applied to businesses.


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