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Diamond Needle Corp., founded in 1951, is one of the world’s largest distributors of sewing machine needles.

Since its founding, Diamond Needle has expanded from a limited line of sewing machine needles to one of the most comprehensive lines of sewing machine needles, sewing machine parts, cutting machine parts and related supplies. We work closely with our factories to create and supply products to meet the demands of industry.

Using needles as the core of our business, we draw upon our national and worldwide resources to manufacture, procure and contract the production of quality replacement parts and supplies for all types of equipment used in needle trades.

Our alliances with leading factories enables us to supply good quality products, economically priced, and stocked to make timely deliveries. We are essentially a Service Company and we never forget that we’ve got to earn your business everyday.

Diamond Needle maintains one of the most extensive lines of sewing machine needles, parts and supplies for all trades. We supply just about any needles to serve any sewing application.

We have more than 60,000 parts and supplies for sewing machines, cutting machines, embroidery machines, quilting machines, bookbinding machines, as well as valuable tools and aids such as scissors, chemicals, lubricants, belts, markers, and more.
We’re a service company. Sure we sell needles, sewing machine parts, cutting machine parts, bag closing machine parts, bookbinding machine parts, embroidery machine parts, quilting machine parts, scissors, tools, abrasives, safety gloves, chemicals, lubricants, and useful devices. But we have to supply these good quality products at money saving prices, and with “On-Time” delivery!

Our buying power allows us to keep our selling prices low. Our huge inventory makes it possible to make dependable, fast delivery. It takes great commitment to live up to our credo: Give our customers good quality products, economical prices, and fast delivery.

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