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Epac Building Consulting Inc

YellowBot is essentially a local search site for finding and reviewing the places you go to in your community (and elsewhere). As an integral part of the site we are building ways for patrons and business owners to exchange tips and experiences.Who the heck are you people?The YellowBot team is a ragtag band of merry pranksters navigating their way through the tubes of this Habitrail we call the Internet. We’ve set our sights on “solving” Local because we just don’t think anybody’s done it right yet. We’ve worked at many of the big and small dotcoms that have receded from view in the rear-view mirror of the proverbial Information Superhighway and finally figured it was time to stop complaining and create Something Useful. Or at least something that we’d like to use ourselves.But why Local?Yes, we know, there are sexier things out there in the Land of Unbuilt Websites, but we’re beyond being seduced by the Next Big Idea and would rather spend our time figuring out a way to bring people together.No really, why Local?We look at it this way: You live your life in the real world, at least as much as you have to. That’s where your house is, and where the people are who love you, and where you find the food that tastes good and the wine that has yet to be drunk. Oh yeah, and the dry cleaner and the veterinarian and the gas station. Those places are the stage where the story of your life is unfolding. We just want to help you pull it all together a bit more and share it with the world.

Well, we don’t think of them as reviews, we think of them as stories. You’ve been there, you’ve had an experience, people that you know were there (or else you want them to know what they missed). We just provide the framework for you to do that. Your stories intermingle with the stories of your neighbors, your friends, and people you haven’t met yet. When there are enough stories, a picture of the place emerges.

Well, think of tags as a way to superimpose your vision on the world. If your favorite pizza place has great spumoni, tag it with “spumoni”. If that gas station on the corner has a great mechanic, tag it with “great mechanic”. If you have twenty restaurants near your office that you frequent, tag them all with “work lunch”. You can search on them. You can see your neighbors’ tags. Think of them like sprinkles on a sundae, but sprinkles which are incredibly nutritious and beautiful.

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