European Kitchen Center

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European Kitchen Center

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European Kitchen Center is the factory-direct distributor for SICC Cucine, Martival, Euromobil and Zalf. We carry quality kitchen cabinets made in Italy and France. These cabinets are custom designed here in the US and installed by professional craftsmen and top carpenters. Service, service and more service is the main ingredient to our formula for success. This can be seen immediately upon entering the store. All of our sales associates undergo a rigorous training program directly at the factory in Italy; upon successful completion of the program they become certified professionals in the field of Italian kitchen cabinet design. Every question can be answered and a free preliminary computer design can be generated within minutes, complete with price and delivery terms upon completion of a quick question and answer session with our sales staff. Delivery of our product is extremely boring because it is predictable; every month there is a shipment from our factory to our warehouse. This means that no matter the order or design, delivery is guaranteed to be quick often times better then some of our local competitors. You do not need to wait 3 or 4 months for your furniture. We sell our product on both retail and a wholesale level. We offer some local light manufacturing and a warehousing facility if needed, and most importantly a design center of Italian kitchen cabinets right here in the United States. Architects, interior designers, contractors, builders, developers are welcome. Our design and consulting services are free of charge. Let us show you how a kitchen from European Kitchen Center will improve the quality and value of any residential unit and the cost will always be less then a comparable product, local or European made. We welcome everyone who demands the function, form and style of an Italian kitchen in their home.

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