Flatiron Contracting Solution Inc.

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Flatiron Contracting Solution Inc.


Flatiron Contracting Solutions is New York City’s premier full service roofing company. Our determined loyalty to superior quality and professionalism is what makes us strive to become the industry leader and our focuses on becoming an industry benchmark in world-class sustainable service. With over three generations of roofing professionalism Flatiron has the ability to provide and deliver a full range of innovating roofing solutions. We work alongside our clients to properly address all of your needs. We offer the most comprehensive roofing solutions available. We install, repair, restore all roofing systems. Our team have the knowledge to diagnose any issues using our state-of-the-art inspection equipment.Asset Management.

Winston M.

I highly recommend William & Hugh Roofing. A couple of years ago they replaced my roof. They did a quick and thorough job and for a very decent price. A couple of weeks ago I had some leaking on the fifth floor from what I assume was something going on in the brick. I called Hugh and he came by to appraise the situation. He brought a small crew to work their magic and voila! No more leak. Hugh is marvelous also. He is very knowledgeable and cares about doing a good job. Hopefully I won’t need to use him much but if I need that sort of repair, I will not hesitate to call them.

Wow. RUDE RUDE RUDE. I called asking for a quote and if they handle a specific kind of service (a simple pedestal and paver installation on a flat roof). They told me to call the manufacturer to find someone who does this because a roofer doesnt do this kind of work. I explained that i have quotes from other roofers that do this (and had this done in my other bldg btw) and he rudely cut me off said “not really no” and proceeded to hang up on me.

I have other roofing work that needs to be done as well on multiple bldgs and that conversation makes me not want to even consider this company given how they speak to people.

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