Grand Expediters NYC

Grand Expediters NYC manages, monitors and maintains a variety of property types to keep them free of violations from the NYC Department of Buildings, FDNY, Environmental Control Board, Housing Preservation Commission, and the Landmarks Preservation Commission.OUR CLIENTS:We work with individual apartment and home owners as well as managers and owners of multifamily residential buildings as well as office, retail, commercial, hospital and hotel properties.OUR SERVICES:–We prepare and file construction and work permit applications as well as amendments and application reinstatements with the NYC Department of Buildings, Landmarks, Department of Environmental Protection, FDNY, and all other applicable agencies.–We keep individual property owners, co-op and condo buildings, property managers, real estate companies, financial institutions, as well as local and foreign investors up to date on their violations status with reports and spreadsheets.–We help remove violations, stop-work orders and vacate orders. We also obtain tracking number for contractors and attend inspections for violation removals and the issuance of a new or amended Certificate of Occupancy.–We work with the Landmarks Preservation Commission to obtain Certificates of No Effect, Minor Work Permits or a Certificate of Appropriateness.–We assist with the Environmental Control Board hearings, violation removals, fine reductions or in some cases fine writeoffs.–We submit FDNY filings and help remove fire safety violationsWe begin all projects immediately, saving you time, money, red tape and aggravation.

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            10004, 30 Broad Street 14th Floor New York NY 10004, New York City, United States
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