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Knovel Corp

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Land Surveyors

.Knovel Solvents – A Properties Database provides property data for over 1800 solvents, including 300 green solvents. It is a must-have reference for chemical process engineers, environmental health and safety experts, and procurement specialists, who need to evaluate chemicals and their properties and, when necessary, identify substitute auxiliary chemicals …

…The Knovel Optical and Filter Glass Database is a comprehensive resource of optical and filter glass property data compiled from 16 optical and filter glass manufacturers worldwide. The database includes property data for more than 1700 commercially available glasses for a host of applications. Optical properties covered in the database include glasscode …

…This title provides a full implementation of the 1997 industrial formulation for the properties of water and steam by the International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam, IAPWS, as well as IAPWS releases for transport properties and surface tension. The data presentation is in the form of interactive tables and live graphs. The tables are of ..

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