This was the letter my lawyer sent to the company which pretty much sums up the way they do business. I will keep you posted to see if they follow thru with there written assessment and fix of my unit.

Dear Mr.Carr,

Please be advised that this office has been retained by Mr. Guzman regarding your company’s negligent handling in the servicing of an air conditioning unit located in his home.

The building’s superintendent as well as another air conditioning company have indicated that the unit simply required an acid cleaning that could have been performed in the same building without having to be remove to another location. Your service man also gave the same diagnosis of the unit needing an acid cleaning.

The unit has now been under your dominion and control for almost one week and your new diagnosis is that it needs a new compressor. Prior diagnostic tests, including your own, never indicated a compressor problem.

As I am sure you are aware, New York City has been experiencing record high temperatures this past week. As you may also be aware, Mr. Guzman has a 3 year old daughter who lives in the apartment with him.

Suffice it to say that if Mr. Guzman does not receive his air conditioning unit in working condition within the next 24 hours for the agreed upon acid cleaning price of $800.00-$850.00 plus tax, an Order to Show Cause will be filed and all remedies afforded to him and his young family will be sought.

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