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Lead Me Out Environmental Services

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Lead Me Out Environmental Services, Inc. established in 2004 in response to the growing regulatory need for lead and mold abatement in New York City buildings. The company provides environmental services in the field of lead and indoor air quality abatement. LMO manages each project from start to finish.

The company performs an initial evaluation and testing of residential and commercial buildings for the presence of lead and other indoor contaminants. Following evaluation and testing, a customized abatement plan is developed for the building owner, manager or property owner.

The hands-on approach continues through the process, as Lead Me Out monitors the implementation of each abatement plan by the abatement contractor to ensure compliance with city, state and federal laws and regulations. LMO conducts post-abatement inspections and clearances. Many of the top management companies in the New York metropolitan area use LMO for assessments of their properties.


Edward M. Weinstein, the president, is an EPA-certified lead inspector and risk assessor. As the owner and president of Edgemont Realty Corp., Mr. Weinstein is a licensed real estate broker with more than 30 years of experience managing, maintaining and leasing properties throughout New York.

A native New Yorker, who owned a midtown retail establishment for 25 years, he also has experience as a small business owner with established connections to the business community.

Ensure the safety of your residents and protect yourself from liability when you receive indoor environmental testing from Lead Me Out Environmental Services in New York City and the Tri-State Area. For everything from disaster restorations to standard environmental problems, we provide you with the highest-quality expert services to ensure your building meets all state and federal regulations. We work with many of the top property management companies in the New York metropolitan area to provide the following services:

• Legionaries Bacterial Testing
• Indoor Air Quality Testing/Allergens
• Soil Testing
• Mold Testing and Abatement
• Removal of ECB Violations
• Legionaries
• Lead Paint Testing/Abatement
• Water Testing

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            12 E 86th St New York NY 10028, New York City, Ny, United States
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