LoChiatto Paving & Masonry, Inc.

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LoChiatto Paving & Masonry, Inc.

A few days ago they finished paving our driveway and we are very happy with the results. First they put the material and after a month they paved. We liked having hired Lo Chiato because they are professionals, we signed a contract, and there was communication and good work.

Horrible company who does not take accountability for their flawed workmanship. Hired LoChiatto in May to pay my driveway. Come June, the mouth of my drive turned ashen gray. I call & beg for them to fix the glaring defect, but they ignore & deflect blame. Take your business elsewhere because they are despicable.

ery rude. Paving my neighbors driveway, no permission to park in my driveway. Ran over my sprinkler heads and tore up my grass, crushed my sprinkler head. I told them to leave 2x and they told me NO…nowhere to park. I had to call police. Yesterday they parked a dump truck with a trailer attached carrying a backhoe/tractor in my driveway AGAIN without permission. I feel that they are very inconsiderate and I would never hire them. If yelp would allow zero stars that’s what I would give.

Same experience as Jill L below. In my case, no call backs, run-around, extra charge after they started digging. For some reason if you decide to hire them, make sure the 2 year warranty or anything else charlie or vito says to you is in writing when you sign the contract. the work they do is pretty good, but after you pay them and something needs fixing, they’ll give you the run around. so please, just make sure everything is in writing, because their word will not mean anything after you have paid in full.

They installed zipper drains and sump pumps, and re-pitched our driveway last year. Everything was ok at first, then we noticed we were having flooding recently. We called and asked for a service check, and that was almost 3 weeks ago. No call backs from the company, and repeated call backs either have the phone staff very confused or just reading back internal emails that don’t provide any answers. We haven’t heard back from anyone regarding the work, or a service call, or anything. They were initially amazing. Now, I can’t even get in touch with anyone to even check and see if there’s a problem.

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            9 Orchid Ct Edison NJ 08820, New York City, Ny, United States
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