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We believe that in today’s demanding work world, your office environment can greatly impact your organization’s performance, productivity, and stress level. Your workspace should be comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and enhance your ability to be efficient. It should also be an inspiring extension of your corporate culture and identity.

OFS Solutions is a complete resource for all office planning needs, and we can help you actualize your vision of the perfect work environment. As a foremost provider of office furniture and facilities services in the New York tri-state area, we offer solutions that take into account style, functionality, budget, environmental impact, and any other factors that are important to you.

We offer an immense selection of high-quality furniture for every budget and taste. In addition to our competitively priced new and built-to-order furniture lines, we can also offer pre-owned and remanufactured furnishings, often at less than half of the list price. We also provide a full array of affordable furniture repair and maintenance services that rejuvenate and extend the lifespan of existing furnishings, thus promoting environmental sustainability. No matter what you need, we work with you to get the job done expertly and quickly.

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