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We have worked with OTL on multiple projects, including several residences and a commercial showroom. Their work has been professional and well managed; the quality of the finished product is superb and the group works well as a team. They are one of the best General Contractors in New York.

Working with OTL on BLUE was the most positive experience. It is indeed unusual for an Architect to have an opportunity to collaborate with Developers who are experienced Contractors, or – if you prefer – with Contractors who are capable Developers; OTL, however, is most certainly both.

As a result, the work process was remarkably streamlined and effective. From day one, OTL coordinated regular meetings with the main Consultants, the Executive Architect, the Real Estate agent in charge of marketing the building, and the Expeditor, among others. Both the design and construction phases were most efficiently managed by OTL. The building was completed on time and on budget with most of the units sold before the opening. BLUE received international acclaim and was exhibited at the Centre Pompidou in Paris in 2014

experience give everyone involved in a project great comfort that things are taken care of. We have worked with OTL on several projects – both residential and commercial – and have always counted on their punctuality and precision. Whether they are developing or building, discussing design and construction details, or addressing site contingencies, the outcome invariably results in a wonderful balance between pragmatism and beauty.  OTL is most certainly one of the top construction and development firms in New York.


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