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I do not know where to start” = We will consult you, draw up the action plan and provide solutions!

Don’t know how to write my ideas down…” = We will listen to your ideas, offer additional solutions and show the right products!

There is a need for interior design, but no time to deal with it” = We will take care of all tasks while realizing your vision!

There are many companies that sell furniture. There are also many companys that make beautiful interior design. From us you can get both of them, together. We deliver all the high-quality furniture from European manufacturers – mostly from Italy, a country known for furniture manufacturing. Although we chose our name Palazzo (meaning a city mansion) before any contact with Italy, it is still the reason that has sent many of our activities exactly to that country.

The most intresting projects are the ones where we are included in the beginning – to attend all discussions with the client, the architect and the builder. When all the solutions have repeatedly been considered, we give the builder the interior design project and we will also watch it be carried out. We take responsibility of completing all the interior design, saving time and money for the customer and also the builder. Only this way we can let people move into their new home, office, coffee shop or a store.

Palazzo Interiors is operating from 2004. The main activities of our international interior design company are designing private houses, apartments and communal spaces, interior design consultations, project management in Estonia and abroad, design and sale of custom furniture, import of design furniture.

Palazzo team includes certified interior decorators and designers. The working languages are Estonian, Russian, English and Finnish. The Palazzo interior design projects are managed by the interior designer Airita Aim.

“The 2004-2006 hands were full of work, as the Estonian housing market had sharply grown and people needed help in furnishing it, which was a time when it was time to learn and act quickly.

Positive attitude towards work and increasing professionalism attracted clients from Pärnu to the whole of Estonia, and even more distantly. The first years of experience have helped to develop into an international level. “


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