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Pearl Concepts Inc has the widest range of pearls for the discerning supplier. Established in 2003 in the heart of New York’s SoHo district, Pearl Concepts brings high quality and highly stylized pearls to the US market. We recognize the importance of maintaining extensive stock levels at our showroom, enabling customers to browse through the wide variety of colors and shapes of pearls available. We are also pleased to provide special order pearls with a sample requirement. We thank you for your interest in Pearl Concepts Inc and hope you find the pearls to suit your needs.

The only place I buy my pearls…and do I ever buy a lot of them…I am a pearl girl!
Helena and the rest of the team are super friendly, great to deal with and very efficient. The quality is high, and service is great, whether it’s at a trade show or a drop-in when I’m in NYC. If you’re a jewelry designer, you should know about Pearl Concepts already. If not- become acquainted! Dropping into their space is a blast- every surface is dripping with pearls in every size, shape and color- my idea of heaven. They can hit any price point you need also- always a plus!

I previously wrote up a review on David S but unfortunately my Yelp account was de-activated and my prior review here was lost.  But I think so highly of David S and his staff that I want to write another one.

I would normally be reluctant to refer a service or business to close friends and family when it involves such an important decision as a proposal or wedding.  But with David S, I’ve enthusiastically pushed everyone I know that’s making a decision on a ring or jewelry to go see him.  Literally, after first hearing news of a friend’s engagement and extending congratulations, the very next thing I will say to him/her is “you need to see my guy.”  One friend was convinced I was getting paid by David S (I’m not) – it’s just that I’ve very rarely experienced service that’s compelled to evangelize like I’ve done here.

It’s now been over 5 years since I got married, but I remember trying to navigate the ring purchasing exercise and feeling completely lost.  I also recall meeting with one or two jewelers who I knew weren’t looking out for my best interests.  I found David through word of mouth – several of my friends who were completely unconnected had incredible things to say about him, so I made an appointment (I later found out my eventual brother-in-law also was a client!).  David spent over an hour with me explaining every detail of the ring in a measured and easy-to-understand way that made me feel like I was taking a course in college – never did I feel like David was being salesy or pushy.  In the end, David not only created a ring that my wife (and everyone around her) loves, but he did it below budget!  Every major jewelry purchase I’ve made since has been with David S – he’ll be my jeweler for life.


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