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Preferred Pool Management Inc.

The sole purpose of the Pool Management Group is to support our locations in delivering high quality and low risk services at each facility they care for.

The Pool Management Group is the parent company to 16 swimming pool management companies (our Partner Companies) operating across 9 states.   Each year our Partner Companies employ over 3500 lifeguards, while managing over 60 Million gallons of water and more than 1100 pools.

When you work with a location within The Pool Management family, you get us running in the background.  With our support, our partners not only keep your pool running smoothly, safely and efficiently, they also do it with minimized risk.

Our suite of services includes enhanced services such as proprietary lifeguard training, summer safety campaigns aimed at pool patrons, $20 million in insurance, national back up teams to keep your facility running smoothly in the event of an emergency, and much more.

The Western Suburbs of Sydney is attracting a number of internationally recognised companies. This, in turn, is fuelling the demand for quality residential properties with homebuyers looking to get maximum bang for their buck.

Houses with swimming pools invariably attract a lot of attention. And, given the ease with which pool renovation companies in Western Suburbs can resurface or repair pools, homebuyers can easily acquire pools that appeal to their tastes and preferences.

Amazing Pool Renovations is the premier provider of pool resurfacing and repair services. Inground pool repairs and other pool renovations are our forte. In addition, we can refurbish your pebble pool interiors as well.

Our team has more than 25 years of experience in concrete pool resurfacing and renovations. Thus, whether you have a basic family pool or something more elaborate, we will be able to give you a swimming pool that suits your needs perfectly.

We build, repair and renovate, with your budget in mind.

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