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Putnam’s telephone ladders were originally designed for use in telecommunication switching stations. With a track attached to the ceiling, the ladder is able to roll back and forth within a narrow space or hallway.

The #231 Brake keeps the ladder from unintended movement when someone is on the ladder. To release the brake allowing the ladder to roll, engage the brake arm by pulling on the attached rope. A crescent attachment can be used in lieu of the #231 and does not have a brake mechanism.

Telephone ladders can be converted for use as a No.1 Rolling Ladder, however some cutting will be necessary to properly mount the No.1 Ladder hardware. In addition, the telephone ladder is heavier and the steps are cut at a more gradual angle, meaning the ladder will have to be angled out further to bring the steps parallel to the floor.

Heights listed in the table below are from the floor to the top of the track hanger bracket.


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