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quick click furniture assembly

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Nobody wants to nail or stick furniture glides over and over again if there is an easier way of doing things. There is. Easier, more effective and more durable, with WAGNER´s PREMIUM glide & stop system “QuickClick”.

Here is the revolution! “QuickClick” is the first glide & stop system with exchangeable inserts. Inserts that you can choose arbitrary and suited to your needs. You can click them inside and outside at your furniture at any time, without any special tool.

You know it. Chairs, tables, sofas and side tables are moved or shifted frequently. The result is visible damage to the furniture and floor coverings. Loud noises make the damage audible in addition. Conventional glides only give a short-term remedy: they fall off, must be renewed or damage furniture and floor in addition.

The clever solution is called “QuickClick” – the first glide & stop system with replaceable inserts! The clever thing is a base part, which is fastened 1 x to the piece of furniture and serves as a holder for various glide and stop inserts. These can be chosen according to need, then clicked into place and exchanged at any time without a special tool. That protects furniture and floors – permanently!

Fasten the fitting base part once onto the furniture, choose the glide or stop insert to suit the type of floor covering, click it on the base holder, and you’re ready to go! The trick with the ‘click‘: every insert can be replaced at any time simply with a ‘click’ and without a special tool, whenever the floor is changed or in the case of wear. More user-friendliness does not exist: convenient, quick, safe and extremely flexible!

Base parts are available in many varieties, e. g. for screwing, for inserting, for pressing-on and for gluing. “QickClick” base parts are manufactured from high-tech plastic and therefore extremely loadable. Base parts are available in various colours, shapes and sizes.

The “QuickClick DUO” is unique. It’s because it is the first reversible furniture glider and works as a 2in1-solution: a glide insert with double protection for robust, soft floors and for sensitive, hard floors. The utilisation is quick and easy: in case of exchange of the flooring, e. g. from carpet to parquet, the DUO insert can be turned as often as required and without a special tool: just click it out, turn it and click it in again!

It optimizes the product properties of all furniture which can be moved, e. g. chairs, lounge furniture or stools. It’s because it enables comfortable mobility and protection for all floorings in home and office, and due to its noise-absorbing effect it provides a delightful room acoustics.


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