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Renovationyc is a one stop shop home improvement contracting company. We specialize in custom woodwork and window treatment furnishing,and install. Kitchen and bathroom remodel design and installation. Renovationyc was established in 2000 in Manhattan as an offshoot of Horizon Window treatments, a premiere windows treatment company.We discovered that many of our clients needed a more comprehensive design and contracting service to truly transform their apartment into the place they wanted to come home to. We made some design suggestions, but we found it increasingly challenging to find qualified contractors to execute our ideas. Our clients needed someone who would not only design their space, but who would get the job done quickly and for a reasonable price. Our Small service quickly grew to become a premier full service home decor company. We now provide,design,sales, and contracting services to all five boroughs of New York City. At Re

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Plan your newly purchased apartment or existing home with the New York City interior renovation specialists. With our extensive experience in New York City residential renovations and remodels, we know how to focus on making sure your home is both classy and comfortable. Start with a consultation and help us understand how we can make your interior design vision a reality. Then we can begin planning and acquiring the materials needed for your modest or luxury interior renovation. We’re highly respected for our communication, service, and work, read on to understand why.

By performing all-inclusive design and builds we’re able to maintain better control over every step of our luxury interiors renovation project. Whether you need a full-scale NYC apartment renovation or would like to modernize your kitchen, our full-service approach ensures clients get the most direct communication, honest expectation and greatest satisfaction. And we don’t just plan, design and build our New York City interior renovation projects, we even find the materials and inspect every single item before having it delivered to the project site for our build team to create your perfect space. From the initial design concept, all the way to completion of the renovation, we are there to oversee each aspect of the project.

Our goal is to define and create beautiful spaces by renovating and remodeling bathrooms with full-service care and consideration. And if you struggle to pin-point what you exactly want, our design team is experienced at translating your words into a real space. See more of our work and contact Gallery Kitchen & Bath to make an appointment and evaluate what it will take to get started on your luxury New York apartment renovation.


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