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Sams Technical Services Inc

As an industry leader, we continually strive to provide quality service for our customers. We carry high-performing heating and cooling systems that can fit any budget. Our heating and air conditioning contractors provide an enhanced level of comfort for you in your home. Our well-trained team of technicians in the area of Westchester, New York will set you up with customized heating and cooling systems that take care of your HVAC and refrigeration needs at your place of residence or business.

Offering a comprehensive array of products and services, our heating contractors and air conditioning contractors in Westchester,New York will take care of your concerns in a prompt and efficient manner. From assessments to design and installation and maintenance, we provide service that give you value for your money.

Cold air starts to blow whenever the Arctic air masses flow southward from central Canada or from Hudson Bay. During these times, a boiler that is usually part of heating systems is very useful. Warm air vaporized through a boiling fluid circulates and gives productivity boost on a freezing cold day. Sams Technical Services Inc. through their heating and air-conditioning services make it easy for people to have a constant temperature surpassing the highs of 30 degrees and the lows of -15 degrees. A constant temperature at home or in the office serves as a preventive measure. We all know that changing temperatures can affect our health. Our service does not end in installation; we also do the maintenance for your added convenience.

Our well trained staff of Westchester, New York heating contractors can efficiently install a range of HVAC units suited for your needs. They will customize the service they provide so that it is tailored to the unique needs of every customer. We tailor-fit services so that you can be right on budget. Our licensed experts in New York will make accurate assessments for the kinds of heating and air conditioning services you need. You not only get quality products from our company. Our personable heating and air conditioning contractors will explain our products and services and make professional recommendations for your concerns. We make sure that your HVAC units are the right size for the purpose they serve. That way, you can maintain your heating and air conditioning systems properly.

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            444 E 56th St New York, New York City, NY, United States
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