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Sealed is on a mission to unlock comfort, value, and efficiency hidden in peoples’ homes.

We offer smart home retrofits and turnkey project management to make upgrading your house a snap. Through our innovative performance payment program, we cover the upfront costs of the installations. Homeowners then pay Sealed using the energy they save. We believe in standing behind our work: if Sealed customers don’t save energy, we don’t get paid.

Over 50% of single-family homeowners have significant comfort or other problems (health, safety, etc.) that could be solved with energy-saving upgrades (insulation, new boiler, smart thermostat, etc.). Most homeowners would prefer to pay for these upgrades with their energy savings rather than pay cash or take out a loan. But historically, banks have not been willing to lend money based on residential energy savings unless they feel confident in the underlying analytics.

Sealed’s HomeAdvance financing program provides capital to cover the upfront costs of energy-saving upgrades. After the upgrades are installed, customers pay Sealed based on the amount of energy they save, guaranteed. Sealed’s proprietary data, analytics, and software enable investment-grade energy savings predictions. Sealed’s IP has enabled the first debt facility backed by residential energy savings cashflows (New York Green Bank) and the first residential energy savings insurance policy (Munich Re).

Sealed reaches customers via local dealers (contractors), utilities, and digital marketing. Sealed recruits, trains, and manages dealers, helping them sell more projects with the Sealed HomeAdvance program. Sealed also works with utilities (National Grid, Con Edison, etc.) that market Sealed’s services in exchange for fixed and lead generation fees.

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