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Sell2World is a B2B lead generation firm that specializes in high-level tele prospecting and appointment-setting. Our clients are niche oriented businesses that want to jump start their sales opportunities. Industries include technology, healthcare, manufacturing, energy, financial services, media, education and many others. Company targets range from SMB to global icons. Target profiles include C-level, EVP, SVP, VP and Directors. We are leading businesses around the globe to the next generation of customer interactions quality contacts with your future customers through professional telephone conversations with decision makers. Through our structured follow up no prospects will be left unnurtured. Outsourcing lead generation with Sell2World results in high qualified leads. Our proven techniques for developing, implementing and executing lead generation campaigns are unparalled in both the B2B lead generation and appointment setting industries.

We recognize the impact our Business Development Executives have on your brand whether we are conducting your B2B appointment setting campaign or an event registration campaign. We have both the proprietary technology and the expertise for smarter and more dynamic lead generation and we can lead any business-to-business conversations. We work as an extended team for our client’s sales team to develop guidelines and talking point related to their offerings. Our analyst are well trained on our client’s messaging and products, which make us better equipped to represent their brands. Our constant data refinement allows us to stay nimble on even the most complex B2B appointment setting and lead generation campaigns.

We are able to attract the most talented B2B appointment setting and lead generation professionals, production managers and quality assurance personnel. Our combination of technology and expertise means our analysts can have smarter conversation during your campaign and get your sales team in front of the decision maker.

Every organization depends on prospective customers and this dependence is essentially our space to fill it up. Sell2World takes care of your target customers, communicate information on your product and services, and follow it up till a deal is sealed. We are never short of ideas to promote and propagate your products and services.

We enrich our lead generation resources frequently to create business opportunities that are everlasting. We strive to learn so that you can thrive and earn. We are experienced enough to contact large number of prospects with ease, which means we have bandwidth to supplement our core service with few specialty services.

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