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In 1999, we’ve made it our business to help people with their biggest life transitions. As New York City’s leading team of professional organizers, we have provided services to hundreds of different clients, from New York to California, including Fortune 500 Execs, single mothers, senior citizens, real estate brokers, attorneys, financial advisors, interior designers, architects — you name it.

Seriatim is now in its nineteenth year, and I am celebrating twenty-five years as a Professional Organizer in New York City. While that accomplishment is certainly a personal triumph, I can tell you that figuring out how to navigate rapidly-approaching life transitions and managing my own clutter and papers—while attempting to hit the daily curveballs that come with business ownership—remains a hair-pulling conundrum.

A year ago, I was chosen to be a part of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses, where I became the first ever Professional Organizer to be admitted into the program. For five months, I trekked over to Long Island City to sharpen by business acumen, hone my marketing skills, and create long-term goals to improve the financial performance of my company. It was a time of critical, investigative thinking.

It was also where I learned to turn over long-resting stones. The single most important aspect of the business growth plan that I developed for Seriatim focused on one such unassuming stone: the Digital Inventory service.

In the past, my team and I had used Digital Inventories exclusively as an internal management tool during relocation projects. It took me far too long to realize their extraordinary benefit for my clients, their families, and their connections.

A Digital Inventory is a document of everything you own. It includes photographs, measurements, appraisal details, and replacement values of your belongings so that you can decisively approach your scenario planning process. This personalized, digital, shareable document is especially helpful for CPAs, financial planners, property insurance brokers, or family and estate attorneys.

I am fortunate that my family and I were unaffected by the multiple weather and climate disasters that plagued 2017. Reading about these devastating incidents and their aftermath has been overwhelming and, at times, deeply frightening. The situation has also reinforced my belief that having a professionally compiled inventory could play the most vital role in reconstructing a complete and accurate value of your tangible goods.

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