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Space Carpenter

Categories: Carpentry Work

I was looking for an experienced carpenter who would make me: a banquette sitting (dining) area, a custom-made bookshelf and 2 built-ins.

I contacted Space Carpenter and provided them with pictures of exactly what I was looking for. I received an e-mail from someone named Kevin Rocine, saying that “this is possibly an interesting project.” He was requesting more information, pictures of the actual space, dimensions, etc. He promised to provide me with an approximate cost for the project. He also pointed out the following: “If that is not possible I would have to visit you and charge a design to work out the approximate details before pricing.”

So far so good. I spent a lot of time measuring everything. I sent him a very detailed e-mail, featuring pictures and precise dimensions, as well as additional details and a thorough explanation about each piece that I was looking to get.

I never received a response. I contacted the Space Carpenter again 10 days later, politely asking if they were at all interested in the project. But nobody bothered to get back to me. Kevin – thanks for wasting an hour of my time (before work) to take measurements, upload pictures and e-mail you…

Since then, I’ve found not one, but several truly professional carpenters. All of them provide free in-home estimates, unlike the Space Carpenter who charges his potential clients a fee.

But you know what? I am glad that I didn’t pay Kevin a “design fee” to visit my home and take the measurements himself. Seeing how I never heard back from him, he would’ve probably burned me with a few hundred dollars and never contacted me again after his visit.

Do yourself a favor and don’t bother with this lack of professionalism. Btw the company has some negative reviews on Google as well.

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            332 E 4th St New York, New York City, NY, United States
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