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This section will guide you through the steps you should take from
pool start-up, to in-season care, to winter protection. It even covers
important tips on safety around your pool and contains a handy trouble-shooting


There are three basic filter types: diatomaceous earth (DE),
sand, and cartridge. Even though each pool may have its own unique plumbing
design, all filter systems will perform the same job. Pool water is
drawn through a skimmer or a drain and pumped through a filter which
removes dirt, algae and visible contaminants that enter the pool. You
must operate the filter system at least eight hours per day in order
to remove wastes effectively.

Remember, by filtering properly you will help avoid contaminant
build-up and save on chemical costs!

You can protect your filter system by adding the correct amount
of sand or DE and cleaning your filter regularly with a FILTER CLEANER
to remove oils and other organics like lint or hair that may lodge in
your filter. Occasionally you may need to apply a CLARIFIER to help
your filter trap minute particles that may be passing through the system.

Your pool is designed to hold the same water for many years. You
filter it and chemically treat it over and over again. During this period
of time the water can drift out of balance and cause corrosion, scaling
or even stains to appear. You can easily prevent these problems by paying
attention to the basics of water balance. A good quality test kit will measure
the key components of water balance–pH, Total Alkalinity, and Acid or Alkali
Demand. Use your kit often until you become familiar with your pool and
supplement your tests by having your professional pool dealer perform detailed
tests on occasion to verify your readings and spot trends that could lead
to potential problems.

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