Sunbird Cleaning Services

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Sunbird Cleaning Services

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Do not fall for their claims that they have better reviews than Stanley Steemer. This company is completely bogus and consist of scam artists, I’m convinced. You know my review is legit because I was an avid Yelper and haven’t even written a review in a while. This reviewer means business!

My family and I are moving into my grandparents’ old unlived-in-house. As part of the moving process, we are in need of carpet steam cleaning. We don’t want to spend $1500-1800 on new carpet for the small upstairs when we can get it steam cleaned. So, doing a little google searching, I landed on Glassmanor Carpet Cleaning.

The representative on the phone said cheerily, “well lucky you, we have a special for 3 bedrooms and a hallway (exactly what I said I needed cleaning) for $95”. I was relieved. Stanley Steemer’s quote online was $243, so I figured – hey for $95, if this company doesn’t do a great job I can always pay Stanley to come do it right. I booked my appointment for the following Tuesday. I also tell her I need the carpet stretched. She said they can provide this service as well and it can be done. She also tells me very assuredly that the technicians move your furniture around and work around anything in the room. I told her there was minimal furniture since we are clearing the space out anyway. LIARS.

Tuesday rolls around, I drive up to Maryland to meet the carpet cleaning people for our time slot of 12-2 PM and call ahead to let them know I’m 5 minutes away (since I’m not living in the house yet). “I’m sorry, you must not have booked with our company, you don’t have a reservation with us” (ehrm, excuse me?) me: “you’re mistaken, I DID make a reservation last wednesday for cleaning this Tuesday from 12-2 PM.” Lady: “Ohhh, are you located at _________ Drive?” Me: “Yes.” Lady: “Ohh, your reservation was cancelled by someone who is new, I’m sorry.” I told her how it’s a pain in the ass to trek to this house just for carpet cleaners, with an infant no less. She calls me back after trying to find a technician, to no avail and we re-schedule for Thursday. $10 off and free deodorizing for 3 rooms = $55 discount for the inconvenience. OK fine.

Thursday rolls around, awaiting my 12:30-2:30 PM slot. 2:45 PM the guy shows up. Alone. In a mini-van. We walk upstairs so I can show him the space. I verify and say, “so there’s no furniture in the nursery really (only a kids’ chair and end table), just the double mattress in the master bedroom but that’s on a wheeled metal frame.” Guy: “oh. I don’t touch the furniture. No, I don’t do that. I just steam the exposed carpet.” Me: “ummm, the person on the phone said that you move the furniture.” Guy: “naw, I don’t touch it at all. I don’t do that.” (ugh. really?) Me: “OK, well are you able to stretch the carpet first before cleaning?” Guy: “what? No I don’t do carpet stretching. I don’t know why they sent me here, because I don’t do that. I don’t know why they’re telling you all this”

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