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Many around-the-house projects require more than just a few hand tools. A1 Progressive Construction LLC can take care of the things that are out of your reach. Our specialists offer a variety of services for homes and businesses in the Fair Lawn, New Jersey area. Choose us if you need gutter, roofing or chimney services.

We also offer interior home remodeling services. Contact our experienced technicians today to schedule service.

Recently, we have purchased our first home and one of top things to do is replace the roof. The first weekend of ownership, i have made a few appointments with a few roofers to get estimates.

Henry and Dan came by and told me things I didn’t needed with a full explanation why while the other roofers were trying to upsell me.They were honest and straight forward. I felt confident and booked them at the spot. As the day came, they tarped the front and back of my property and got it all done in one day.

They cleaned up like they were never there. The next day, I met all of my neighbors and they were shocked on how fast they got it done. Not only they were impressed with the color we chose, they were impressed how professional they were.

I have had 2 experiences with this contractor.

The first went well enough, they replaced a few shingles that were ripped off the roof for a reasonable price.  I would say these guys are fine to hire for a simple job like that.

The second job was unacceptable, and is the reason I am leaving 2 stars.  I called Alex to ask if we could schedule a job to do 2 things.  Replace 2 ripped shingles on the roof, and replace a 10ft x 10ft section of cedar shingle siding.  They told me they could use the material I already had to do the job, and gave me a price.  A few days later I told them I would like them to do the job, and they said they would schedule it.  I did not hear from them for a week, at which point I texted them asking them when they would be out.

After another week of no communication, they came out without having notified me, and started doing the job (ripping off the existing shingles) without asking for permission from anyone at the house (I was at work, my wife noticed banging and shingles falling into the yard).  I was planning to purchase different materials to have them use but was not given that opportunity because of the rushed and sloppy work.

The whole situation was completely unacceptable and I regret letting my wife pay for the job before I could assess it.  Attempts to have them fix the job have failed and I am not interested at this point as I do not trust them to do a good job.

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