Yoreevo is reinventing the NYC real estate brokerage. By building our company from the ground up with the right technology driven approach, we’re able to execute transactions much more efficiently and save our customers a lot of money. And just to clarify, Yoreevo’s customers are in fact “the buyers and sellers of the real estate!”

Simply put, to save you money. We are working to change a very resilient industry, in order to make NYC real estate more affordable. The difference in working with us, is that we provide the lowest commission structure, with absolutely zero trade-off on service. How is this possible?…. 1ST: WE FOCUS ON TRANSACTIONS, NOT MARKETING – We’re hoping our lower fees will drive buyers and sellers to Yoreevo.

This allows us to spend more time on servicing clients rather than finding them. 2ND: OUR COSTS ARE LOWER – We skip the fancy offices and unnecessary flash. We’d rather focus on more practical aspects and improve results of your transaction. We run lean – It’s how we provide top level service for significantly less cost than competitors. 3RD: WE THINK 3% COMMISSIONS ARE WAY TOO HIGH – Most products and services tend to get better and/or cheaper over time. Unfortunately broker services have not! With incredible improvement in information availability, and NYC’s increasing real estate prices, we think 3% is excessive and unnecessary.

COST SAVINGS: For Buyers – Upon closing of a sale, we offer up to 2% rebate on home purchase. On the average NYC apartment this totals $20,000+. For Sellers – With as little as 1% commission fee, we’re you’re full-service solution for maximizing the value of your largest asset, your home! Saving exceed $20,000 on the average NYC Apartment.

Ali studied real estate at Lehigh University, then worked as a business analyst in the FinTech industry. She brings client-focused skills and a lifelong passion for real estate to Yoreevo – helping clients find, negotiate and close real estate transactions.

As a financial analyst, most recently at Citadel, James saw complacent industries disrupted by new business models and technologies. He joined Yoreevo to bring both to real estate and lower costs for consumers.


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